Thermal Imaging

There are many applicable uses for thermal imaging i.e. using a camera that detects heat signatures, from search and rescue in disaster zones to mounting cameras on police helicopters, but the area Stretch Electrical Limited focuses on is applications relating to preventative maintenance. For example a thermal imaging camera can:

  • Detect hot spots within electrical distribution boards without the need to disassemble and inspect each board. Often used in conjunction with a programme of fixed installation testing.
  • Identify potential electrical issues within data farms and server rooms, where uptime is key. Thermal imaging allows network managers to spot and replace problematic individual servers before a serious fault affects the entire installation and without having to power down critical systems in order to carry out testing.
  • Mechanical preventative maintenance. Thermal imaging cameras can spot heat signatures not only via electrical systems but can identify potential mechanical faults that may pose a problem in the future.
  • Certain sensitive thermal imaging cameras are able to detect the rate of heat loss from materials such as window panes. This enables audits of energy consumption for a building, with the end result of reducing energy costs or the overall impact of a building on the environment.

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