Lighting Audit

Stretch Electrical Limited can arrange a free survey of your company’s current lighting solution by one of our engineers in order to see if your site(s) would benefit from a more energy efficient lighting solution.

The purpose of the audit will be to ascertain whether the installation of current energy efficient lighting products could lead to an overall energy saving for your company, in comparison to your current solution.

The aim would be to:

  • Confirm the total number and type of lights currently in place
  • Ascertain the present cost per kilowatt hour for the site
  • Match the ideal lighting product to your site

This information would enable us to generate a report outlining:

  • Your energy expenditure and financial expenditure for your current lighting system
  • A recommendation for installing a more energy efficient solution
  • A comparison of the original system against the energy efficient system in terms of energy and financial savings
  • A quotation for materials and installation of the energy efficient solution alongside the expected period before you see a return on investment.

Should you wish to go ahead with the replacement of your current lighting system this can also be combined with our smart metering system so that you can monitor in real time the total energy used and money saved.

For example we can install our smart metering system on a sample lighting circuit at the same time as carrying out the lighting audit. This will provide a benchmark for your lighting.

A month later we will return and temporarily replace the sample lighting circuit with energy efficient lighting. You will be able to monitor your total energy usage through the sample lighting circuit in direct comparison to the previous benchmark and see in real time the financial and energy savings it is possible to make.

Should you not wish to go any further with the process we will remove our smart metering equipment and sample lighting, also free of charge, unless you wish to go ahead with replacing the lighting within your entire site in which case we can leave the aforementioned kit in place.

Should this be of interest please give us a call onĀ 0203 2864079 or complete our Contact Page and one of our representatives will call you shortly.

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